BEDGEAR M1 Mattress


M1 (mattress in the box) from BEDGEAR. Highlighted with Dri-Tec® fabric, patented tri-level weave wicks away heat and moisture, keeping you dry. Boost+® dynamic support and React+® softer, breathable blend keeps you gently elevated. Available with 3 sizes: 3.5 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft.  The mattress height’s 10 inches. Sleep safe with 10 years warranty.

King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)
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The M1

Firmer, elevating feel

Three layers that won't trap heat

Moisture-wicking and air flow fabrics

CERTIFICATIONS: All foams are CertiPUR-US® certified:

  • Made with safe materials (no heavy metals, no formaldehyde)
  • No harmful odors or emissions
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission


The M1 is compatible with all bed frames and foundations, including power bases.


Your mattress comes with a 10-year guaranteed warranty.

All-over elevation.

Layers of Boost+ ® and React+ ® breathable foams work together to create a firmer surface that keeps your body smoothly balanced from head to toe.



High-Density foam

Our high-density foam base adds durable support under the cushioning top layers, helping air circulate while making sure your mattress keeps its shape without sagging or deflating over time.

I never found the right mattress until I got this one.... and here I am, having the best and most comfortable sleep ever.

-G., NY

The Climate Control

Our fills are all designed to keep you cool—and so are the fabrics we’ve engineered for the exterior. As Dri-Tec® wicks away moisture, Air-X® siding ventilates, regulating body heat for uninterrupted sleep.


Patented tri-level weave wicks away heat and moisture, keeping you dry.


Flexible, three-dimensional material vents warm air away from the body.


1.5” BOOST+

Dynamic support

1.5" REACT+

Firmer, breathable blend keeps you gently elevated.


Breathable base holds its shape and supports top layers.

Our Mattress Thai Fans

"I believe that good sleep leads to healthy life. Whoever loves to exercise like me will love BEDGEAR because their technology that helps to wick away moisture and increase the air flow."


"I have a chance to feel the BEDGEAR. Its technology in fabric is really outstanding. It can reduce your temperature to make you achieve your ideal temperature. Try BEDGEAR by yourself because sleeping is a big issue to achieve your day. "


"BEDGEAR is the answer for me because I usually sweat when I tried to sleep. This Performance Bedding helps to regulate the air flow and makes me sleep better."


Our Mattress International Fans

"It just cradles us when we lay down, and the crazy heat issues we had with our memory foam mattress, we don't have with this one. Best night's sleep I've had in a long time! "

-J., North Carolina

" I've bought a bed at one of the big stores and it's a hassle. Not only was this a great value but the comfort factor is awesome. It's very comfortable and supportive. "

-J., New York

" Love my new mattress. It's very soft and comfortable...especially when you've had numerous spine surgeries! "

-D., New York


Complete your sleep system.​


King (6 ft.), Queen (5 ft.), Twin (3.5 ft.)

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