Traditional bedding all looks the same, feels the same, and pretty much acts the same. But for you to get the sleep you need to wake energized, your bed has to work hard—so we engineered technology unlike anything else out there, for bedding that does more than keep some kittens cozy.
  • Fabrics
  • Foams

Why did we re-engineer fabric?

Most old-school fabrics prioritize softness over everything else. But we see that as a given, so we set out to engineer materials that do what their stuffy, high-thread-count predecessors can’t: feel good and stay cool.

Ver-Tex® Fabric

Our cool-to-the-touch material is woven with near-metallic fibers that conduct heat away from the body and act as an impenetrable barrier against moisture.

Dri-Tec® Fabric

Our moisture-wicking material is a three-layer weave of fibers engineered to wick away dampness and excess warmth instantly.

Air-X® Fabric

Our air flow material acts as a three-dimensional channel to vent warm air from the core of your pillow or mattress.

Hyper-Cotton™ Fabric

Our blended eco-fabric provides all the perks of natural cotton—softness, a comforting, traditional feel—with added flexibility and temperature regulation.

Why did we re-engineer foam?

Ordinary fills tend to feel a little too soft or too firm. Fine at first, they lose their shape and bottom out over time; most frustratingly, they overheat. So we developed sophisticated foams that remain responsive and breathable, night after night.

React® Foam

Our answer to memory foam, the React fill contours to you for weightless support. Made with breathable materials, this softer foam won’t trap heat or feel stuffy.

Boost® Foam

Unlike bouncier materials that tend to “push back,” our firmer Boost fill provides a gentle, satisfying lift—while allowing air to pass through to prevent overheating.
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