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Pillow Talk

“It. Is. Awesome. I slept like a rock, and woke up feeling amazing the next day. And because I slept well my workouts were more intense and my workday was more focused.”


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16 Clever Things We Love for Summer

“The Storm Series pillows feature Ver-Tex fabric that deflects heat, regulates body temperature, and totally blisses you out.”



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Boston Red Sox Unveil New Sleep Room in Team Clubhouse

“These performance pillows are also temperature regulated, lined with a special fabric and ventilation design so they always remain cool.”


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Can High-Tech Pillows Help You Get Better Sleep?

“I can say that after testing this over a year now, it has changed the game in getting better sleep.”

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Our Thai Fans

"I choose BEDGEAR because I usually go to gym. This pillow can fuel me. It comes with various height of the pillow with the breathable fabric, so I can wake up fresh every day."


"Sleeping is the most important. I usually get backache and neckache. This pillow can cure my backache, so I can sleep well all night long."


"The best time to recover is when we're sleeping. BEDGEAR helps us to sleep better and full of sleep technology."


"With BEDGEAR, you can choose your pillow height that fits to you. I don’t have to sweat or sleep hot at night since this pillow can regulate the temperature much better."


"Sleeping is super important for me. If I get to sleep for 8 hours, that day I’ll have more energy to get things done, so I believe in BEDGEAR to fuel me each day."


"Bed and pillow can cause you a backache. BEDGEAR has the technology that can regulate air flow and wicking moisture away."


"I have a chance to feel the BEDGEAR. Its technology in fabric is really outstanding. It can reduce your temperature to make you achieve your ideal temperature. Try BEDGEAR by yourself because sleeping is a big issue to achieve your day. "


Our International Fans

"These are the best pillows I’ve ever touched in my entire life."

- Rachael Ray

"Wow. Without a doubt the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever touched."

- Meghan Duggan, Olympian and World Champion Hockey Forward

"We cannot ignore the importance of sleep and that is why we have developed a relationship with BEDGEAR."

- Sam Kennedy, Boston Red Sox President

"I’m sleeping better than ever."

- Devin Harris, Dallas Mavericks Point Guard


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